About the Foundation


Founded in 2014, EMPACT ONE FOUNDATION (E1F) formerly EMPACT international is a Board-directed IRS recognized 501(c)3 faith-based organization dedicated to providing needed resources, programs, and services to individuals, families, and communities most in need, and to offer the tools and environment that facilitate holistic growth. We accomplish this by providing the tools necessary to make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve, and the life of their community. 


Through our partnerships, services, missions, projects, and community development programs we seek to develop economically sustained and educated communities, and to further empower individuals to be self-sustained community leaders and builders.

EMPACT functions to serve the local community and further recognizes the need for partnerships, networking, accountability, community service, program availability, and resource facilitation.


The overriding purpose of EMPACT One Foundation is to build, support, and empower the local community and to empower local citizens to EMPACT their local communities through their collective desire to serve all in need without prejudice and discrimination. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create programs, services, and community resources that transform lives, schools, and communities, We seek to achieve these outcomes through partnerships and collaborations with community organizations that strive to do the same. In addition, our mission is to empower individuals through education and community engagement to empower themselves, their families, and their community.



  1. Education

  2. Motivation

  3. Participation

  4. Application

  5. Collaboration

  6. Transformation

EMPACT Statement:


  • EMPOWER: Empower communities and individuals through education and awareness.

  • MOBILIZE: Mobilize individuals to become agents of and for change in their local community.

  • POSITION: Position individuals in their purpose through dialogue and self-awareness and encourage direct community participation.

  • ASSIST AND ACTIVATE: Assist local leaders and community principals to positively EMPACT their community, and create programs and resources that help to foster community empowerment and success.

  • COLLABORATE: Collaborate with local organizations and municipalities on ways to empower their local community, and encourage local businesses and organizations to work together to achieve overall community success.

  • TRAIN: Transform individuals and organization through training for community service and effectiveness, while tracking community response and progress.