Operation Safe Encounters is a collective program between the Police Department and citizens. This program is designed to not only save lives but protect the lives of Law Enforcement and members of the community.


Police officers undergo several types of training on how to handle and interact with members of the community. But what training do members of the community have to teach them how to properly interact with law enforcement officers? This is where Operation Safe Encounters steps in.



The purpose of Operation Safe Encounters is to teach youth and adults how to respect and respond to law enforcement officers and build healthy community and police relationships that foster safe encounters.



The relationship barrier is created when police and members of the community are unable to build positive relationships with each other. Building relationships build trust between officers and citizens and creates a positive space where dialogue and de-escalation in potentially dangerous situations and allow for more peaceful resolutions. When the relationship barrier is removed encounters are safer for both parties, police feel safer when entering into an active environment and citizens feel safer in those environments when there is an active relationship with the officers responding.



It is our goal that participants, including students, parents, faculty, and officers, will build closer relationships that foster a greater level of trust and respect between all parties. We develop a greater respect for individuals when we see them as human, and not an object or a subject.



Operation Safe Encounters will be dissected within 4 hours.

  • Hour 1 Intro Program - Police Officers will be dressed in civilian clothing, they will interact with students and parents.

  • Hour 2 Hands-On - 'Put Yourself in my Shoes' scenarios. Civilians and Officers will reverse roles during the scenarios.

  • Hour 3 Heart to Heart Discussion - Officers will be in uniform, they will take questions from students and parents, and they will also be able to ask questions.

  • Hour 4 Outro - Similar to Hour 1, but this time, Officers will be in uniform and will interact with students and parents. This hour will allow us to see how perceptions have changed.


This program may be introduced to students during school hours, as a presentation, during an assembly, in a classroom, lunchroom, or in an auditorium setting. It could also be presented after school hours, and/or during a school event. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate in programs, discussions, and activities. Operation Safe Encounters may be presented to students annually, quarterly, or semi-annually.