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The Dream Catchers Mentorship Initiative is designed to support young people across America facing the everyday challenges of growing up in the inner-city, poverty and a host of other day today challenges. Dream Catchers is committed to offering a nationwide mentoring program that provides youth with one-on-one time and attention with a mentor who will provide ongoing support from a Dream Partner within the Dream Catchers Network.

The goal of the program is to offer young people the opportunity to connect with a mentor who will be able to provide them with valuable support at critical points in their lives.  The mentors will be committed to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to the youth. The mentors will listen and provide the youth with accurate and age appropriate information.

The initiative services all applicants ages 6 - 25 regardless of socio-economic status

The initiative provides the following services to participants:

Adult literacy programming, 
School clothing and supplies distribution
Career readiness services 
Youth Mentorship opportunities
Out of school programs for the youth 
Dropout prevention services and programming

The Mentorship Initiative Strives To:

  • Encourage and help prepare youth for the challenges they face

  • Serve to help break down the sense of isolation many youth experience

  • Assist youth in making informed decisions about their life

  • Provide youth with positive role models and support.

  • Connect youth to appropriate community resources.

Currently EMPACT One Foundation provides mentorship programming at the following Cumberland County Schools sites:

Hope Mills Middle School

John R Griffin Middle School

Glendale Acres Elementary School

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