How to Advocate for




Who is EMPACT International?


EMPACT International is a non-profit global outreach organization dedicated to revealing the love, power, and presence of God outside of the four walls of tradition. EMPACT is designed to take the gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Kingship of Jesus Christ to the nations through unconventional ministry methods.


Through our outreach ministries, missions, projects, and community development programs we seek to develop mature disciples who are dedicated to ministry beyond the pulpit.


Established in 2008 EMPACT International is a global outreach organization, which recognizes the need for networking, accountability, community ministry, and resource facilitation.    


The overriding purpose of EMPACT International is to build and support a community of Kingdom citizens which, by their very nature, are saturated in the Love of God and the outwardly expressed desire to serve all in need without prejudice and discrimination.


This goal is achieved through six guiding mechanisms;


  • Empowering

  • Mobilizing

  • Positioning

  • Activating

  • Committing

  • Training


1.EMPACT International: Provides needed resources and services to organizations around the world who are

2.dedicated to building better communities, facilitating dreams and empowering through hope. 


One of the most effective ways to advocate for EMPACT International is by meeting with your elected officials. You can advocate for EMPACT INTERNATIONAL in many ways. You can call Elected Officials, email them, tweet messages to them, leave messages on their Facebook pages, and more.


Why Meet with Your Elected Official?


Elected Officials want to hear from their constituents.  They want to know what their constituents think about important policy issues and matters that affect the communities that they represent.  They are waiting to hear YOUR opinion about EMPACT INTERNATIONAL.


All Elected Officials have support staff and other assistants who review all messages sent to the Elected Official. They count how many messages they receive on any given topic.  They count how many people support or oppose each issue. You also can schedule a meeting to share your opinion in person, at the Elected Official’s office.


In-person meetings can be powerful.  Your willingness to come to the office in person sends a strong message that this issue is very important to you


How to Schedule a Meeting with Your Elected Officials (or with their Aides)


Every U.S. voter has the right to meet with their Elected Officials, or with the Elected Officials’ staff and aides.


During a meeting with an Elected Official or aide, you can share your opinions on important legislative issues.  You can explain to them why you want the Elected Official to support EMPACT INTERNATIONAL.


These meetings are usually held at the Elected Official’s office. Every Elected Official has at least one office.  


Every community is represented by an Elected Official on either the local, state or federal level. To advocate on the federal level you can find the two Elected Officials for your state by visiting http://senate.gov.  Each Elected Official will have his or her own website with contact information.


Each Elected Official’s office has a “scheduler”. A scheduler is a person who arranges the Elected Official’s schedule.  If the Elected Official is not available, the scheduler can refer you to the most appropriate member of the staff or aide.


You can call or email your Elected Official’s office and ask to communicate with the scheduler.  Tell the scheduler that you want to schedule a meeting with the Elected Official. Or you can ask for a meeting with the Elected Official’s representative on community and inner-city relations.


If you will need a sign language interpreter for your meeting, ask the scheduler to arrange the interpreter.


Some federal level schedulers may not be familiar with policies or logistics for providing sign language interpreters. You can ask them to visit this web link for more details: http://www.senate.gov/visiting/common/generic/sign_language_interpreters.htm



What to Say in Your Meeting


Introduce yourself.  Say where you are from.  Which community you represent and if you are not a member of EMPACT International, be sure to tell them which organization you are with.  If you are a staff member of EMPACT International be sure to tell them your title and position and which ERC you represent (If applicable)


Explain why you are there.  Say you want to learn where the Elected Official stands on inner-city community empowerment and sustainability programs.


If the Elected Official supports it, thank the Elected Official or staffer.

If not, ask what concerns the Elected Official has. Take notes.


Be polite. Even if you disagree with the Elected Official or staffer, you want to be calm and positive.  But also be clear about what you want.  Say that you hope the Elected Official will consider supporting EMPACT INTERNATIONAL and our desire to EMPACT our communities.


Speak from your heart.  Explain why EMPACT INTERNATIONAL matters to you, personally and the community.


Preparing for Your Meeting


If you are well-informed about EMPACT INTERNATIONAL, you may be able to counter any concerns an Elected Official or staffer may have.  Visiting our website and reviewing our informational resources can help you learn more about EMPACT INTERNATIONAL: http://www.empactyourworld.org


After your Meeting


Report back to EMPACT International Global Headquarters (EI-GHQ) and your local EMPACT Resource Chapter (ERC) with a summary of what happened at your meeting.  This can be done in the body of an email.


EI-GHQ is interested in learning any detail you can provide about what concerns the Elected Official has about EMPACT INTERNATIONAL. Your information can be very helpful for EI-GHQ’s advocacy work.


You can send your email to the Government Affairs Office advocate@empactinternational.com


If you should have any question or need further assistance, please feel free to contact your local ERC or EMPACT International Global Headquarters for assistance.