How to establish an EMPACT Resource Chapter (ERC) in your community.


EMPACT One Foundation is an organization driven by its members — our organization wouldn't exist without all the time and effort put in by regional chapter leaders and other volunteers. Most members of EMPACT One Foundation are unable to attend the annual convention regularly and therefore miss out on the research presentations, guest speakers, committee meetings and the chance to talk baseball with fellow members. EMPACT One Foundation's regional chapters promote the Society’s objectives by fostering increased contact among EMPACT One Foundation members.



Some areas don't yet have an EMPACT Resource Chapter (ERC) ... but it's easy to start one. Here's how:


  1. Make a list of at least 5 active EMPACT One Foundation members in your proposed ERC area who agree to be members of that chapter. They don't need to sign any paperwork, just willingly agree to be members of that chapter if it is approved.

  2. Then e-mail that list, along with one member designated as an official chapter liaison, to Brice McLean, EMPACT One Foundation's Director of Chapter/Partner Relations.

  3. EMPACT One Foundation's Board of Directors will consider the proposal at its next meeting and contact the liaison if the chapter is approved.

For more information, visit our Chapter Leaders' Admin Tools page at admin.empactInternational.org or download the EMPACT One Foundation Chapter Leaders Best Practices Handbook, which offers suggestions and guidelines for meetings, speakers, revitalizing a chapter, and getting publicity for EMPACT One Foundation and chapter events.


Chapter Obligations and Expectations

Because ERC’s represent EMPACT One Foundation, they are governed by EMPACT One Foundation’s constitution, by-laws, and policy manual. EMPACT One Foundation respects and encourages the autonomy of its chapters in organizing and conducting regional programs and projects in accord with these requirements and guidelines:


  • All chapter leaders and officers shall be members of EMPACT One Foundation.

  • Chapters shall supply the names of their leaders and/or officers, appointed and elected, to the EMPACT One Foundation Global Headquarters (E1FG-HQ) office, and shall notify the EMPACT One Foundation office promptly of all changes in leadership.

  • Because membership in EMPACT One Foundation includes membership in its regional chapters, no chapter may charge dues for chapter membership.

  • Each chapter shall hold at least one “regular” meeting per year. Regular meetings shall include community programming and needs research and shall be open to EMPACT One Foundation members and non-members alike.

  • Chapters may charge for chapter activities and raise funds to cover chapter expenses.


Steps for Starting Your ERC:



1. Spread the word – Establishing an EMPACT Resource Chapter (ERC) typically starts with one or two people, who then get others interested. Reach out to officials of local government as well as civic, social and labor groups. Ask them to contact additional community leaders in their networks and seek their support.

2. Contact a Service Center – Community Service Centers support EMPACT Resource Chapters around the world. After you gather community support, contact the closest Service Center to learn how to partner with a local Chapter.  The Regional Director of Organizational Development (DOD) and local Chapter leaders will help your group take the next steps.

3. Organize a steering committee – Schedule a meeting with those who want to start a Chapter. Keep it small to start, but do invite the DOD and President of the nearest Chapter to talk about EMPACT One Foundation. If the group decides to pursue the idea further, form a steering committee to begin initial organizing.

4. Conduct a Community Readiness Assessment – While the need for a Chapter in your community may be clear, you must document that need by completing a Community Readiness Assessment provided by the Regional DOD. This survey will determine how well the needs of the community are currently met. It can also identify community resources to support a Chapter.

5. Develop a Management Operating Agreement – Next, it's time to assemble official programs that will be offered through your chapter. Chapter policies and procedures are universal and apply to all Chapters, subdivisions and subsidiaries. With help from the Regional DOD work out a Management Operating Agreement with any existing local ERC.

6. Organize an ERC Advisory Council – Once policies are in place, you can organize a ERC Advisory Council, elect officers and establish committees that will help operate an ERC. Consult with the DOD and CEO for guidance in selecting an ERC Advisory Council.

7. Secure a location – Now is the time to scout a location for your ERC or find a suitable building. Work with your CEO on a location and the kind of building that would be satisfactory for an ERC.

8. Determine costs – Create a budget for the cost of building renovations, equipment and an operating budget for one year. The CEO will be invaluable to your committee in this kind of practical planning.

9. Raise the funds – You are now ready to raise funds together with the CEO and existing ERC organization. The most common method of raising funds is through a community-wide founder's campaign using face-to-face solicitations – get out there and ask! Consult with the CEO to develop a resource development plan that will get your ERC off to a great start.

10. Recruit a Chapter President – The wheels are in motion: Now you're ready to employ a qualified EMPACT Resource Chapter professional to lead your ERC. The CEO will provide guidance in the all-important process of identifying good candidates.