House of HOPE

Shelter Network

From Desperation to Inspiration

The Network exists to assist, empower and inspires homeless individuals to build self-sufficient lives. ​


We are 90% self-funded and 10% publicly funded at this time. We receive no government funding at this time. Trust is our most valuable commodity. Our ultimate goal is to increase each resident's ability to meet their basic physical and emotional needs, identify and connect each resident to relevant community resources, and rebuild each youth's self-esteem, self-respect, and self-sufficiency

Guiding Principles


Human Worth - We believe each resident has inherent value, is competent and resourceful, and possesses something unique to offer society. Each resident deserves respect, understanding and the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Individualized Response - We treat each resident's needs, potential, thoughts, and feelings with specialized attention unique to the individual.


Trust - We believe trust is the cornerstone to rebuilding hope and pride in the resident we serve. Under no circumstances will we jeopardize trust to accomplish our goals. Trust must be consistent, continually reinforced among and between resident, staff, volunteers and community members.


Low-Barrier - We minimize the psychological, physical, and social barriers that typically deter individuals from seeking and accepting assistance from a social service agency.


Judgment-Free - We foster an environment that is free of shame and protects the pride and dignity of each individual, including the resident, staff, volunteers or community members. We deny service to no one within our age range regardless of gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical and mental health, cultural and religious backgrounds, legal status, or political platform.


Harm-Reduction - We provide education and support so residents can reduce the harm caused by high-risk behaviors associated with street survival. We believe that alleviating - not only eliminating - the severity of dangerous behaviors is a legitimate and valuable step toward recovery that should be encouraged and celebrated.


Strength-Based - While preserving their dignity, we empower residents to uncover their strengths and use them as tools to achieve greater goals. We accept the responsibility of being a positive community role model in each resident's life.

About the Network

Through our HOPE Project Initiative, EMPACT International manages a network of residential facilities known as the House of Hope Shelter Network®.


Beds open at 4:30 pm daily and are open to anyone in need. Upon entering the house, residents must provide identification and a cleared background check (provided free of charge at the Fayetteville Police Department 24 Hours a day). Clients are given assistance in job searching, resume writing, referrals for food stamps and other assistance through the Department of Social Services.


We do provide common groceries and living supplies for those in the residence who may be unable to purchase their own food and supplies.