The EMPACT One Foundation Career Readiness Program works with youth Grades 6-12th to introduce Career Fields that may interest each participant.

We Are Reimagining CTE
To address the nation’s skills gap and prepare our emerging workforce for the changing economy and ensure that our youth are competitive on the global stage, young people need access to enhanced learning opportunities. These opportunities are made possible by afterschool, weekend, and summer learning programs. These programs are critical partners for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and help young people develop the needed skills that employers are looking for in today’s workforce.


Learning doesn’t just happen in school.
For participants in K-12, more than 80 percent of their time is spent learning outside of school— as they participate in the afterschool, weekend, and summer programs, in libraries, museums, science centers, at home, or in the community. Fewer than 20 percent of their 16 waking hours are spent in school.


Afterschool: An Ideal CTE Partner
After-school programs and activities provide a flexible learning environment and have a proven track record for combining enrichment, academics, and real-world experiences to serve more than 10 million young people in all 50 states. Afterschool programs have expertise leveraging resources from multiple community partners, including businesses, government, law enforcement, parents, libraries, schools, museums, and health centers.


The EMPACT One Foundation Career Readiness Program works with individual schools in Cumberland, Harnett, Johnston, Moore, Lee, and Robeson Counties to provide participants on CTE pathways with 120 hours in internship credits through real, on the job, paid experiences in a connected local career field. The EMPACT One Foundation Career Readiness program works with participants after school and on weekends to help them gain knowledge and experience in career fields.


Through the program, participants develop leadership and employability skills, build self-esteem, gain hands-on work experience, and learn financial literacy skills. Participants also able to earn income and internship credit at their school, as well as a vested Equity Award for good attendance which they are able to access when they graduate for anything education or career-related.



The EMPACT One Foundation Career Readiness Program meets Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 PM. The Program Offers various electives such as Financial Literacy, Trade Industrial Education, Health Sciences, Computer Integrating Technology, Electrical Trades, Broadcast Production Technology, Marketing-Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Green Construction, Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Tourism, and various other STEM and STEAM Programs.

The Career Readiness Program also offers various leadership classes. Participants are also eligible to participate in the EMPACT One Foundation’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy.