About EMPACT America


EMPACT America is a registered subsidiary of EMPACT International, and operates with the sole purpose of empowering U.S. citizens to EMPACT their local communities. This is done using the following mechanisms: Education, Motivation, Participation, Activation, Collaboration, and Transformation. EMPACT America has a subordinate mission to support the primary mission of EMPACT International through localized outreach and resource distribution.

Volunteers are the life-blood of EMPACT America, and it is only through their service that we are able to accomplish successfully the mission that has been set before us. Everyday volunteers across America work to ensure that that mission is accomplished and we are eternally grateful for their heart for service and humanity. If you are interested in joining our volunteer corps and joining the ranks of one of the most talented and innovative group of community ambassadors, please click here.

Outreach is the core function of EMPACT America. Through our partnerships and community collaborations, EMPACT America is able to offer more than 46 program resources to communities around the country.